Because Clock Boy Is a Typical, Annoying Teenage Kid

Ahmed Mohamed, Clock Boy, is now suing the City of Irving and its school district for $15 million for severe psychological trauma. Continue reading “Because Clock Boy Is a Typical, Annoying Teenage Kid”


Because Life Is Short

1)  travel

2)  take chances

3)  Love


4)  dream big


Because I’m Fat

You get until reading the last sentence of this article.

And then it’s time to get up.

1)  Remove your drug

You’re an addict.  Crap food is your enemy.  Just like you can’t put heroine in front of a drug addict and expect them to be strong-willed enough to resist, you cannot keep your drug in your house.  Remove the garbage.  Throw away your sweets, your empty carbs, and anything else that is not productive to healthy eating and living.  You’ll have crazy withdrawal in the beginning, but you’ll learn to make due with the healthy items you have in the house.  Then guess what?  That craving and day will pass.  And then another day and struggle will come.  And will pass.  It’s not rocket science here.  Think logically about the true calories you’re taking in.  The number one way to get results is changing your diet.  Don’t be fooled thinking you can eat what you’ve been eating, exercise a bit, and expect results.  That’s dumb.  And you’re smarter than that.

2)  Go shopping

That’s right.  But don’t buy anything.  Just try on clothes that you think would look cute on you.  With the unforgiving lighting in the dressing room accompanied with your desire to want certain parts of your body to look different, you might come to a reality check.  The reason you look like this is you.  It’s not the lighting or the clothes – it’s you.  Feel a bit defeated?  That’s okay.  You’ll feel amazing the next time you walk into that very same store with the same lighting and clothes after you’ve put in genuine effort to change your lifestyle.

3)  Others are not your source of approval

“You’re beautiful the way you are”.  Do you feel beautiful the way you are?  If not, maybe you should shoot for what you want instead of waiting for words of affirmation of friends.  Because honestly your friends do love you the way you are.  You’re the one who’s not happy with the way you look.  They’re not trying to change the way you look – you are.

4) Stop the excuses

You can spare the time to workout – just substitute it for the time you spend on Facebook or in front of a TV.  Claiming you don’t have enough time to come up with as little as 20 minutes per day to take quick jog outside is laughable.  And no one is buying it.  Can’t get healthy food at work?  No time to cook?  You need to plan accordingly.  Just as you would take time to plan out an outfit or birthday party, you make time for the things you truly want.  Things you want in life take effort.  You want to look killer in whatever you wear and feel good about your appearance?  You’ve got the tools – you just have to build instead of sitting in the corner with hammer and nails in hand.

5)  Be accountable

You’ve been unhealthy for a while.  It’s hard to simply get up and workout on your own.  Join a gym and do some classes.  Maybe even purchase some personal training if you can afford it.  This way it’s more of an obligation to go rather than on a whim so you’re not wasting your hard-earned money.  And then, go as far as telling others what you’re doing.  Having an anxiety attack yet?  Getting a crazy fear of being judged in case you quit?  Good.  Maybe you need to make some forceful progress so you can be proud of yourself and inspire others.  You’ve gotta start somewhere so be honest with yourself about what’s truly gonna get a fire under your ass and what’s a temporary fad.

6)  Get some inspiration

Continue reading “real” articles about making positive lifestyle changes – none of the fluffy, happy-go-lucky stuff.  This is recon.  You don’t need to be fed the “nice” stuff any longer.  You need to be taking action and not be thinking about it.  Research life-changing transformation stories, analyze before and after success photos, or check out pics of super fit individuals.  Take time to look at morbidly obese photos and feel incredible sadness when playing through what a day in their life would feel like.  How did they get to where they are and why aren’t they doing anything about it?  Now ask yourself the same question – why aren’t you doing anything about your own situation as similar or dissimilar as it may be?  Cram down the inspiration each night and wake up and do it in the morning.

Angry yet?  Feel this article is way too insensitive for you?  That’s okay.  Feel those feelings.  But they won’t get you anywhere.  You are where you are at because of the choices you’ve made.  There are no strings attached and no marionette controlling you – you’re here because of you.  You want out?  Want to feel good about yourself?  Good.  Because I believe in you just as you should.  We’re nearing the last sentence – you have the knowledge and you’re out of alibis.  Now get up.

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